“Fire at Her Fingertips” by Rebecca Crunden

You are born different. It makes people fear you. Even those who are supposed to love you and protect you from the world.

You are different, but you want the same things that any human being wants. Love, tenderness, acceptance. Is it true that the only way for those who get rejected is succumbing to violence and hate?

Read this beautiful short story by the talented Rebecca Crunden to find out.

“Fire at Her Fingertips” is the second short story I’ve read by this author. I fell in love with her unique writing style, and I’m looking forward to reading her novels. Her characters are so real despite being magical creatures. You can feel their pain and their struggle, but what is even more important – at least, for me – you can also feel their happiness and joy.

“Fire at Her Fingertips” is definitely a magical story. And its magic comes not only from its fantasy setting but from the profound message it contains. Everyone is different – and everyone has a right to be so. And it is love and acceptance that make each living creature shine.

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