“Darkwitch” by Kat Kinney

“Darkwitch” is a kind of book that sweeps you off your feet and makes you keep reading “just one more chapter”. I couldn’t put this book down even after my Kindle fell out of my hands a couple of times (yes, a few times it landed on my face), and even after my cats gave up on their human’s common sense and went to sleep without the usual cuddling session.

Book two of the Dyrwolf duology picks up soon after the end of book one. The Colony is finally united. Wolves and humans live together. But can two sides that have been fighting against each other for the last twenty years really live in peace building a better future for everyone?

There are too many scars both nations bear to accept that the era of hate is over. Lea and Henrik discover the enemy has multiplied, and the Colony is now being attacked both from outside and from within.

Lea still struggles with her own demons. The visions she has about Henrik’s death get more and more disturbing. The worst thing about them being that she sees the killer but can’t discern his face.

I really liked the relationship dynamics between Lea and her mother, as well as between Lea and Gunnar. In general, there are many fascinating characters in the duology, each of them deserving a separate book.

Lea and Henrik are both very young. While they are forced to look for solutions to global problems and regularly face mortal danger, they remain innocent in their hearts and naïve in relationship issues. Their love is sweet and pure. And in my view, the contrast between the gloom and darkness of Nordvend and Lea and Henrik’s innocence of youth adds intensity to the story.

I’m a huge fan of Kat Kinney’s books and her unique, immersive writing style. I’m looking forward to reading the next instalments of her series as well as new stories, which I’m sure will combine her beautiful trademark prose, relatable characters, and exciting settings.

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