“Christmas Wish: Do You Remember When…?”

What a wonderful, heart-warming love story! Set around Christmas time, it’s a perfect read for any season. We are used to believe that magic unleashes at Christmas, but we all know that true miracles happen when people’s souls open up and the walls we built around our hearts crumble.

Trent and Brianna have built walls around their hearts because both were hurt. They didn’t want to hurt each other. Still, in every couple’s life, there are more than two people. Although we often say that every step we take depends solely on us, it isn’t true. Circumstances sometimes are too powerful for us to fight them.

“Christmas Wish: Do you remember when…?” by Sabrina Oyinloye is a story of two people whose love was discarded as something unimportant by someone who thought they knew better what Trent and Brianna should do with their lives. This arrogance led to a tragedy. And this disaster made the lives of everyone involved miserable. The schemer is as unhappy as those whose fate they manipulated.

Now it seems the shattered lives cannot be fixed. But is it really so? Is there a miracle that is strong enough to put the pieces of broken hearts and bodies back together?

“Christmas Wish: Do you remember when…?” is a sweet and at the same time heart-wrenching story that will pull at readers’ heartstrings. It’s short enough to read in one sitting. And while I’d have loved to know more about Trent and Brianna’s backstories, the length of the book is what makes it so intense and leaves the reader breathless when they turn the last page.

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