Snippet from “Finding Your Way”

After Latvia became a member of the European Union, people started leaving the country. In 2008, it seemed that in each family there was someone who left chasing a big money dream. Zanda, the main character of “Finding Your Way”, doesn’t share the general excitement about living abroad. Although she isn’t fond of arguing, she doesn’t hide her opinions.

Here is a snippet from the book. Zanda talks to her brother who has returned from England to visit his family.

“So, my little sister is going to become a professor?”

Zanda did her best not to pay attention to the sarcasm in her brother’s voice. Dainis came home only an hour ago, and it wouldn’t do to upset their mother so early into his visit.

“Who said I’m going to be a professor?” she retorted mildly. “They say university professors don’t earn that much.”

“If you’re interested in earning money, you should come to England after you get that diploma.”

Zanda’s brother Dainis was thirty. He dressed with a saucy chic of a teenager, in jeans that were fashionable at the moment and t-shirts with quirky messages. The man didn’t look older than his years, but he definitely didn’t look like he was still twenty either. Zanda thought that Dainis could at least drop the sports footwear.

“And what would I do there? I’m sure there are already enough of our people robbing locals of their workplaces.” Zanda didn’t have an intention to start a fight. Still, she couldn’t keep her opinions to herself.

“We aren’t robbing them of anything!” Dainis snapped. “They won’t do the work that we do!”

“And why would I want to do such work?”

Brother and sister eyed each other across the kitchen table.

Dainis put down the mug he held and sat back in his chair. “You’ll be earning less slavering in some posh office here for a month than you’d get with a one-week paycheck in England.”

“At least, I’ll be slavering in an office with a chance for promotion in the future.” Zanda’s hand trembled slightly when she raised a cup to her mouth.

“Future!” Dainis smirked. “What future? Nothing’s gonna change here, not now, not in the future. You can’t have a normal life in this country. Everyone who can leave does it at the first opportunity.”

Only six days until the release of “Finding Your Way”.

The book will be available in ebook and paperback format on Amazon worldwide. Besides, it’ll be free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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