“Broken” by K.M. Harding

How much can a person take and not break down? Is it possible to get through the hardships alone, without any help from those who care about you? What can heal a shattered soul?

K.M. Harding answers these difficult questions in her book “Broken”. And while doing it she puts the readers on such a rollercoaster of twists and turns that you just keep turning the pages.

“Broken” is a blend of thriller and romance. The book begins with a soul-chilling scene, and from there, Dani’s story starts to unfold, stirring a kaleidoscope of emotions. For me, the central emotion while reading the first half of the book was an acute hope that something would happen to change Dani’s life for the better. She has gone through so much that I felt she deserved a kind of miracle to finally make everything all right. In real life, unfortunately, it doesn’t happen to everyone. All the more satisfying the romantic plotline felt for me.

When Dani meets Damien, that hope I wished to emerge appears. Still, the rollercoaster ride for the reader becomes even more extreme. I absolutely didn’t expect what was coming!

The book is full of characters that feel absolutely real. And “visiting” places in England I’ve been to a long time ago, was an added bonus to the overall amazing reading experience. Dani is a musician, and I could deeply relate to what her music meant to her. Writing was and continues to be a faithful companion on my own healing journey. I loved how the power of art is shown in the book, not only through Dani’s but also through other characters’ experiences.

“Broken” by K.M. Harding is a kind of book that sends chills down your spine in one chapter and fills your heart with warmth in the next.

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