“Alpha” by Kat Kinney

Since I pre-ordered this book and read it right after its release, it’s needless to say that I absolutely love the Blood Moon, Texas Shifters series by Kat Kinney. The more I find out about the lives of the Caldwells and those who get pulled into the enigmatic werewolf family orbit, the more fervently I want the series not to end. The author has a talent for drawing a vivid picture you feel stepping into while turning the pages. Emotions, flavours, and smells – all come alive during reading.

“Alpha” is a story of Brody and London, two leaders. Both are tortured by hardships the power and authority usually bring, which probably is the main reason why both are perfect for their roles.

Brody is the alpha of the Blood Moon shapeshifters pack, assigned this role after the former alpha – his father – was kidnapped. In the previous instalment of the series, the patriarch of the Caldwells was found and rescued from the horrible vampire prison. There are reasons why he can’t get back into the alpha role, but it doesn’t make Brody’s life easier.

London is a former alpha of another pack. It’s probably one of the shapeshifters’ unwritten rules that there isn’t such thing as ex-alpha. True leaders don’t stop being who they are if they formally lose power. London is definitely one of those leaders who think primarily about what she could do for the people she is responsible for. Not what privileges she can acquire using the advantages of her position. Taking care of people is in her blood. As it’s an integral part of Brody as well. Does it make them perfect mates or turn their union into a threat to the paranormal community?

“Leadership wasn’t about absolute power. Leadership was about being there at midnight when your pack had a problem. It was about keeping the people assigned to you safe… I might not have been anyone’s first choice. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t the right one for the job.”

Brody and London’s story – warning: sizzling hot scenes will make your blood run faster! – once again proves that love isn’t about weakness. It’s also not about being afraid of losing the person you have feelings for. Love is about finding the one who makes you feel stronger. The one who stands by your side against all odds. Love is when thinking about spending your life with that person, fills your whole being with joy you’ve never experienced before.

As in all other books in the Blood Moon, Texas Shifters series, besides love, angst, hot scenes, and incredibly alluring food descriptions, there are political intrigues, conspiracies, secrets revealed, and new questions asked. 

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