“Bound” by Kat Kinney

I love the Caldwells! They are now officially one of my favourite fictional families of all time. I am absolutely spellbound by their interpersonal dynamics and relationships with those who come into their circle. And the food! Yes, I applaud the author for making the tastes and flavours of Texas a part of her books’ charm. 

“Bound” by Kat Kinney is the third book of the Blood Moon, Texas Shifters series. It follows the relationship between West Caldwell and Topher Greer. As it seems to be always the case when one of the Caldwells falls in love, it cannot be a smooth, straightforward love story. There are doubts, inner turmoil, and hurting the one they love and everyone around them in the forefront of the picture.

West Caldwell is not a simple shapeshifter. He has powerful magic he has to control and suppress at all times. Besides, if the powerful people on the top of the supernatural world’s hierarchy find out about it, he is in trouble.

So, in “Bound” we witness how a good guy – not an ordinary one though! – struggles through the labyrinth of duty, emotions, and his own nature, trying to do the right thing. Even if doing that thing will break his heart.

Topher Greer has been through a lot. Too much, really. Having been abducted by vampires, held in prison and tortured, it’s probably because of his work as an EMT, that he is able to put himself together and go on living.

Just like in the previous two books of the series, “Dark” and “Crave”, we get to see more of what the world of vampires and werewolves hides from the human public. As you can imagine, their secrets aren’t bright and shiny. They are the darkest secrets there can be. The most dangerous vampire coven in Texas hides its secrets well. But when a family member’s life is at stake, no wall is too high and no lock too complicated for the Caldwells. And Topher Greer seems to be cut from the same cloth.

While West and Topher stumble on the way to their happy-ever-after – be prepared for some sizzling hot scenes! – more sinister secrets get revealed and more curtains hiding things that send chills down one’s spine get lifted.

I can’t wait to read “Alpha”, book four of this highly addictive series by the talented storyteller Kat Kinney.

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