“The Everlasting Dance” by Ellen Khodakivska

People often complain that life is cruel to them since it doesn’t let their dream come true. Seldom do they imagine what they would do if fate gave them a chance to fulfill more than one of their dreams.

Marcus and Linda are young, enthusiastic about the careers they’ve chosen, and passionate about their futures. It’s no wonder they have been singled out by fate. They’ve been given the most precious gift people can dream of. But it so happens sometimes that not the twists of fate serve as obstacles on one’s path to happiness. Sometimes it’s people who build walls within themselves.

“The Everlasting Dance” by Ellen Khodakivska is a beautiful story of life choices and fateful decisions. Leipzig, Seville, Paris – their streets keep countless memories of people who laughed, shared secrets with each other, whispered words of love, and dreamt that around the corner new opportunities await them. These streets were silent witnesses to Marcus and Linda’s story, never sharing their vast experience about the twists and turns of human fates. We are lucky we don’t need old stones to tell us people’s stories. It’s always other people who share them with the world. I’m grateful to Ellen Khodakivska for sharing the story an old-fashioned, elegant man she met in the park told her, having sensed that she can do it justice.

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