“Dark” by Kat Kinney

The description of this book warns – “sizzling hot romance” – and that’s what a reader gets! So, be prepared and leave all your modesty behind when you open “Dark” by Kat Kinney, the first instalment of the Blood Moon, Texas Shifters series.

Meet Ethan and Hayden. Your new Romeo and Juliet – or I should probably say Edward and Bella –from the world of werewolves. Or I’d better discard all comparisons since these two are so unique and independent that it feels unfair to try to compare them to anyone.

Both are flawed, disillusioned, tough, and not willing to accept that life is crap – despite it constantly providing them proof in abundance. They move forward, and even though most of the time it feels that they are moving through an overgrown maze – yes, there is an absolutely creepy and awfully atmospheric maze in the book! – they don’t give up.

I loved the mouth-watering, delicious descriptions of food and coffee! Iced caramel macchiatos, pumpkin lattes decorated with whimsical swans, and Thin Mints are practically characters of the story in their own right. I also loved that I felt like a visitor in a small town in Texas, who is lucky to see it through a local’s eyes.

As the story unfolds, we get to see glimpses of the paranormal world with the secret agendas of its inhabitants, and when it ends, we crave to find out more.

“Dark” tells a story of two people, damaged by their life experiences, in their opinion, beyond repair, finding hope to have a different, happier life – together. Did I mention that things get really hot while they travel along the road of that discovery? Yes, I did. So, keep that in mind, and get ready to join the passionately ferocious – or ferociously passionate – couple on their ride to their happy-ever-after.

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