“The Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu” by J.G. MacLeod

Lady Ellen Montagu is the daughter of the Duke of Manchester. Although there are issues in her aristocratic family, including her father’s gambling and risk of bankruptcy, she is who she was born. For her, titles and rules of decorum are important. That’s why she makes decisions that can seem illogical to modern people. But if you think deeper about the realities of the 19th century, you see a completely different picture.

It was fascinating to read about Lady Ellen’s adventures and her gradual transformation into a more balanced person. She doesn’t become a different person, and her transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Still, despite some things staying the same – things that are extremely difficult for any person to change in themselves – she gradually learns that there are things outside the rules of aristocratic society and adapts to a new lifestyle in another country.

“The Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu: An Irish Historical Romance Trilogy” is set in Ireland and in Canada. The author draws such vivid pictures with her words that the places she describes in the books are now on my want-to-visit list.

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