Praise for “Neglected Merge”

It is the most special gift to receive a review from someone who has read the book you have written, rather than a book they expected to read.

Review for “Neglected Merge”, book one of the Neglected Merge trilogy.

“Neglected Merge is a unique romantic fantasy that is beautifully written and a thoughtful exploration of cultural perfection.

While so many stories are set in a dystopian future, Eve Koguce sets hers in a utopian future after a cataclysmic event. The foundation for the utopian world came from this shocking world-changing event, hundreds of years before Koguce’s story begins. But what’s even more interesting is that there isn’t only one utopian world but two.

The Winged and Wingless exist completely separate from each other, living different forms of an ideal reality. It is the explosive meeting of one from each world that is the driving force behind the romance at the center of this book and the deep, philosophical examination that happens throughout the story. While each world feels they have established utopia, they both have people who are dissatisfied by their societal norms.

Tauria and Doron are two of those people, and their meeting is an answer to a quiet, mutual sense of discontent. The romance between them is at times delicate, at others passionate, but always heartfelt. The journey both characters must take to reach each other and the changes their connection brings to both societies is fascinating.

A slow burn and very thought-provoking, Neglected Merge definitely a romance to read!”

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