“New London” by J.G. MacLeod

It’s not my usual reading style to start reading from the last page of the book, neither do I have a habit to begin reading series from the final instalment. Still, I don’t regret that my acquaintance with Lady Ellen has started in this manner. First, I felt more intrigued while trying to untangle the events of the past, and second, there was enough intrigue, gasp moments, and adventure in “New London” to keep me glued to its pages.

“New London” by J.G. MacLeod is a final instalment of the historical romance series “Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu”. The book is set in 19th century Canada, the country that is still unsettled in its ways, with the inhabitants who are trying to find themselves and make this new land their home.

Lady Ellen and Lord Ardilaun are Irish immigrants in Upper Canada. In addition to difficulties many immigrants irrespective of their social status face in a new place, this couple is struggling with personal unsolved issues and unanswered questions they brought with them from their homeland. It doesn’t help Lady Ellen and Lord Ardilaun to settle fully into cosy, domestic bliss since people from their past have chosen Canada as their new home too.

The book is full of unexpected plot twists. At first, it lulls the readers into believing that this is a story of aristocrats, who have found themselves in a challenging situation, but with wealth and influence, their problems remain on the level of “soul wanderings”. But then the author throws in one twist after another, and you find that you cannot imagine what will happen next in the characters’ lives.

I loved the realistic portrayal of Lady Ellen. She is naïve, and although life hasn’t always treated her as one would expect considering her status, her basic needs have been taken care of by servants and other people. She is stubborn and her abilities to evaluate different situations are definitely lacking. But she has inner strength, as well as warmth and intuition.

I will definitely read the first two books of “Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu”. I look forward to meeting the characters in Ireland. I am certain that the beginning of Lady Ellen’s story is no less vivid and fascinating than its brilliant finale. 

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