“Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley” by Kelly Miller

Reading this book was like meeting dear friends after separation. I couldn’t stop smiling as a picture of Lizzy and Mr Darcy’s marital bliss unfolded on the pages. “Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley”, just like other books penned by Kelly Miller, will please Jane Austen’s fans, as well as those who love the regency romance setting.

Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam enjoy a perfect life in their vast and prosperous estate, Pemberley. I must confess that I’ve always tried to imagine the life of my favourite book characters after I read “the end”. And Kelly Miller doesn’t disappoint! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Pemberley’s inhabitants’ everyday routine.

The author portrays Mr Darcy as an excellent master, familiar with all the processes of running an estate. While Elizabeth is the one whom everyone attributes the changes for the better that happened to Darcy after his marriage.

Mr Darcy, no longer proud and prejudiced, is a loving husband, doting father, and respected master. It’s impossible to imagine that something can shake this bliss. And still, that’s exactly what happens when one day Darcy falls from his horse. An angel of death appears, and as hard as it is for an educated man like Fitzwilliam Darcy to believe it, he has no choice but to submit to his unique visitor’s request. It turns out that angels of death also need to have a vacation. And this particular specimen has chosen Pemberley as his holiday destination.

Fantasy elements – the angel of death and his special powers – make the story deeper, rather than spoil a beautifully created Jane Austen-style setting. They allow the author to explore the working of characters’ inner minds more, and that gives readers an opportunity to see into their pasts and futures. I found it charming and fascinating how the angel of death has changed people’s lives.

Well-written and elegant, this is yet another great book from Kelly Miller.

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