“The MaddAddam Trilogy” by Margaret Atwood

Are there books you have mixed feelings about? For me, it’s Margaret Atwood’s “The MaddAddam Trilogy”.

I enjoyed reading all three books (the second and the third maybe a little more than the first one), and I even reread the whole trilogy once. But the drawback for me was that the books are so deeply and irreversibly, well, dystopian. I understand that that was probably the author’s intention so that readers get a clear message – the path mankind has taken is a wrong one.

But since I know that under any regime, no matter how cruel and unfair it is, there are those who live normally – and not necessarily they are passionate supporters of the regime – it put me off that all characters were terribly unhappy and unlucky.

I realise that it’s not exciting to read about “common people”, and including a story of someone like that would possibly make some readers complain about “slow pacing”. These are just my thoughts as a reader.

Anyway, I sometimes joke with myself that reading quite a few totally dystopian novels has led me to create a utopian-style world in my own books.

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