“Lord Have Mercy” by H. M. Mills

What an amazing adventure it has been exploring her dual nature together with Mercy!

“Lord Have Mercy” by H.M. Mills is a book that has everything to make you turn the pages. Iconic characters like angels, demons, and Lucifer himself open up from the angles you’ve never imagined before. My favourite characters in the book are the Gargoyles. Those guys make an impressive set you wouldn’t really want to encounter but imagining them while reading was truly fascinating.

I’m not a huge fan of 17-year-old protagonists, but I guess it’s because often they act either if they were ten or thirty. Mercy acts exactly as a 17-year-old girl would in the situations she has to face. I really liked that. She is impulsive, she doesn’t think twice before she acts, and she is easily confused by those older and wiser, especially when they masterfully tag at Mercy’s most painful cords.

Reading this book was like travelling to Hell and back. Descriptions of Hell and its inhabitants were so vivid I almost felt those flames and Lucifer’s wrath burning me through.

H.M. Mills has created a set of bright, relatable characters, and the story arcs that weave their lives together are highly compelling.

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