“Kellcey” by Kacey Kells

“Kellcey” by Kacey Kells is a story that often is left untold.

It felt like reading a diary. And this narrative style made the story even more heartbreaking.

Kacey Kells tells about her almost perfect “before” life with the ingenuousness of youth. Her thoughts are so pure that you feel helpless fury that this purity was taken away from her. A tragedy has changed her family’s life, and if that alone wasn’t enough, she had to face the most unimaginable cruelty that almost shattered her, making her lose self-confidence and faith in people.

An unexpected “side effect” from reading this book is that now I want to visit Canada. The author describes her homeland with the deepest love and in bright, appealing colours. I felt acutely how difficult it was for her to leave it. It was like leaving a part of your heart behind.

Reading the book also gave me a chance to relive my impressions of London, the city that stunned me when I came there for the first time and that became almost like the second home to me after I spent a lot of time wandering its crowded ancient streets.

While issues of gender equality and women’s rights can be viewed from different perspectives, there is only one way to look at abuse. Those who haven’t experienced it or haven’t met victims of it, don’t realise the depth of its devastating effect.

“Kellcey” is a story that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

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