“Inside Out” by Demi Moore

I’ve developed a true passion for biographies and autobiographies in a recent couple of years. It started with the two books given to me by my friend to read. The biography of Winston Churchill’s mother (the most fascinating read) and the autobiography of Agatha Christie (one of the best autobiographies I’ve read so far).

I’m not a fan of crime fiction, and, to be honest, I’ve never read a single book by Agatha Christie (I’ve read a couple by Conan Doyle though), and I can’t say that my knowledge of Winston Churchill’s life is especially extensive. Nevertheless, I was immersed in the life stories of both honourable women.

Since then, I’ve read dozens of biographies, and I don’t plan to stop.

“Inside Out” by Demi Moore left me with an aftertaste that the author decided not to share some certain details of her life with the readers. This is perfectly fine and understandable if only in this particular case, it leaves the readers in the dark regarding some important issues. The issues that would let us announce “not guilty”.

I liked the first part of the book, where the author shares her journey to stardom. I also liked the way she speaks about all of her movies. With tenderness and respect, she shares her thoughts on why each movie is special for her. I’ve seen only a few of her works, but after reading the book I had a wish to watch more.

All in all, I’m glad that I’ve read this book, despite its ending being a little rushed and vague.

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