“Ghost” by Lubov Leonova

Imagine the world where magic is an integral part of life, natural as the air we breathe, sometimes a blessing, but sometimes a sinister touch to the endless flow of opportunities. If you like the picture your mind has drawn for you, you’ll love “Ghost: A Murder Mystery” by Lubov Leonova.

The book will take you on a magical journey, during which you’ll get to know people with different Gifts – Gift of invisibility, time Gift, healing Gift, and many others – as well as dangers that those gifs may have for others. And as life usually goes, there are those, who aren’t blessed – or should we call it cursed – with a gift. How does the world, where magic is the highest value, treat those people, who don’t have it?

“Ghost: A Murder Mystery” is a delicious blend of fantasy, a young adult coming-of-age story, and a real crime investigation story. Each character in the book is with their own story. The world-building is enchanting, and the words transport the reader into the world the author has created.

I’d say that this story deserves a sequel – or even several – so we can learn more about the characters, who have managed to change their lives and themselves. And I personally would love to read more about those little dragons – won’t tell you more 🙂

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