“A Consuming Love” by Kelly Miller

What an absolutely charming book! I finished reading it a few days ago, but a dreamy smile still appears on my face whenever I think about it.

To be honest, I was a little cautious to read one of my favourite book’s variations. I had a rather disappointing experience with reading “Sense and Sensibility” modern adaptation a few years ago, and since then I haven’t risked reading anything similar. But Kelly Miller’s books kept teasing me with promises to transport me back to the world of balls, ladies in rustling skirts, and gallant gentlemen riding graceful horses. And “A Consuming Love” has given me all that and more.

I tend to get confused with the modern hectic lifestyle. I’ve always felt that I can’t keep up with it, at least if I want to stay true to myself. That is one of the reasons why Jane Austen’s novels are my personal pill I regularly take to cope with stress. In her novels, the time ticks in unison with my heartbeat. There is time for thinking and for unhurried contemplations. Walks in the fresh air, horse rides, long family dinners as opposed to our permanent rush hour and missed deadlines.

I loved the new angles and twists the author gave to the original novel. Every time I reread “Pride and Prejudice”, I think “what if”, and Kelly Miller provided my imagination with what it had craved for.

After reading “A Consuming Love” I can’t wait to read all of Kelly Miller’s regency romance novels.

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