“The guy from another league” by Kristina Gallo

“The guy from another league” by Kristina Gallo is a story of bad choices. Everyone makes mistakes. Even good, decent, and clever people.

Renata is unlucky in love. She is young, pretty, and intelligent, but the men she meets don’t seem to treat her as she deserves. I think that because everyone expected her to meet her Mr Right really easily, she has made the wrong choice in love. Questions like “haven’t you gotten married yet” maybe are asked more seldom than twenty years ago, but there are still those who think that it’s appropriate to ask a young woman such things. These questions create pressure that makes girls think that they must find a husband as quickly as possible.

Renata’s story reminded me of the relationship I had witnessed when I was a teenager. The married son of my aunt had a lover, an intelligent, gentle, and educated girl, just like Renata. I remember that even at that age I felt confused and couldn’t understand why such a young woman agreed to such a relationship. The guy wasn’t overly attractive or successful, and he was involved in some shadowy deals.

The story is raw and direct. It has a feeling of “a documentary” over it. I’d say that there are a few valuable lessons that might be learnt from “The guy from another league”. Maybe some girl, who has gotten confused about her relationship with Mr Bad, would read it and see her situation from another perspective.

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