“Paper Castles” by B. Fox

“Paper Castles” by B. Fox is a book that leaves the readers with many thoughts after they turn the last page. In short, my kind of book.

The story follows the life of James Brooke. He is 28, he has an excellent diploma in Architecture, but he is jobless and has moved back to live with his father in his home town. His imagination is what keeps him from falling apart. But real-life demands its due, and no matter how magical the images in one’s head are, one cannot escape it.

“Paper Castles” is an excellently written book. You literally get into James’ head. You hear his thoughts, you feel his pain, and you go through his struggles with him. I’ll be honest, I didn’t sympathise with him. His choices have led him to a dead-end, and he is too concentrated on himself. Whom I did sympathise with is his father. Nowadays, somehow it turns out that if you are a parent, you automatically turn into a superhero completely devoted to the needs of your child. But parents still remain human beings. They aren’t always able to act as a superhero. I strongly believe that grown-up children should be more attentive to their parents.

I would recommend this book to all thought-provoking contemporary reads lovers. If you like to read about different lives of ordinary people, to peer through the thick blanket of routine that often makes us forget that it’s not easy or even possible to overcome everything that life throws at us, simply because “everyone suffers” or “life can be like that”, then you’re in for a treat. “Paper Castles” is an excellent novel that will make you stop and think about life, your own and in general.

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