“Carol” by Patricia Highsmith

An incredibly delicate and thoughtful story of love between two women.First published in 1952 under the title “The Price of Salt”, “Carol” by Patricia Highsmith – known for her psychological thrillers - is a story of young Theresa and sophisticated Carol.Theresa just starts her adult life in Manhattan. She works in a big department store,... Continue Reading →

“Trail Markers” by Cym Aros

Usually, I have a lot to say, especially about books. But with “Trail Markers” by Cym Aros, I’m at a loss where to start. I’m overwhelmed by the depth of the characters, the extent of human cruelty, and the author’s knowledge of human nature.Let me say that I’ve never been a fan of westerns. Those... Continue Reading →

“Paper Castles” by B. Fox

“Paper Castles” by B. Fox is a book that leaves the readers with many thoughts after they turn the last page. In short, my kind of book. The story follows the life of James Brooke. He is 28, he has an excellent diploma in Architecture, but he is jobless and has moved back to live... Continue Reading →

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