“Enchanted by Cupid” by Susan Cochran

What a lovely, cosy, and heart-warming read it was! Just what I needed at the time when everyday routine seemed to have turned into an obstacle course. “Enchanted by Cupid” by Susan Cochran is a perfect romance novel to enjoy before bedtime or on a lazy afternoon. Wrap yourself in your favourite blanket, make some... Continue Reading →

My new book

Savage 90s. In Latvia, many remember the first post-Soviet decade as the craziest time of their lives. Some managed to grab the chances to start making money through all kinds of illegal schemes. Not all of them got away with it. Still, those who did climbed even higher. By the arrival of the new millennium,... Continue Reading →

“Ellie’s Albatross” by Ron Prasad

Nowadays, tolerance is a trend. We are taught to accept whatever differences there exist between people and adapt our behaviour to fit everyone’s needs. But have we learnt to accept chronic illnesses as something that changes a sick’s person life completely and irrevocably? Or do we still expect these people to adapt to a lifestyle... Continue Reading →

“Abigail’s Odyssey” by David Vorhees

Have you ever felt that there is something mysterious in the woods? Have you ever had that tingling sensation that something is hiding there behind the trees, watching you? Abigail is twelve, and the woods are her happy place. She goes there whenever the atmosphere at home becomes more unsettling than the mysterious silence of... Continue Reading →

What readers say about “Finding Your Way”

Reviews are a balm for the author's heart. I'd like to share some of them with you. “a love letter to Latvia” “an utterly captivating read which I demolished in three sittings” “wonderful characters, and a sprinkling of magical realism” “both uplifting and heartwarming” “a summer of growing up, change, chance, and challenge” “written in... Continue Reading →

What upsets an indie author

Million of things really. Lack of sales, reviews, and support from friends and family. Also, bad reviews and low engagement on social media. The disbalance between the time and effort you put in and the results you get. And indie author’s journey is many things but a walk in the park it is not. As... Continue Reading →

“Lord and King” by P.L. Stuart

It was an exquisite delight to return to the multi-dimensional world P.L. Stuart has created in his epic fantasy saga. After head-spinning adventures that kept me turning the pages of book two “The Last of the Atalanteans” I couldn’t wait to see how Othrun would settle into the role he’s always dreamt about. Or maybe... Continue Reading →

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