“Calixta” by Omayra Vélez

While I sit staring at the blinking cursor, trying to put my impressions about “Calixta” by Omayra Vélez into words, forgive me for blurting out: “wow, what a book!” These are my feelings in a nutshell. But it absolutely won’t do to leave “Calixta” without a proper review. The intense, imaginative, gut-searing, and thought-provoking story... Continue Reading →

“Dragon’s Grace” by Sloane McClain

This book is the purest form of literary escapism. It pulls you in and you don’t want to get out. “Dragon's Grace” by Sloane McClain is the first book in the Sons of Pendragon series. The story is a delicious blend of Arthurian-era epic fantasy and contemporary romance. Full of ancient secrets, sword battles, and... Continue Reading →

Book Sale!

Celebrating the release of “Finding Your Way”, for a limited time only, the Neglected Merge Trilogy – on sale on Amazon! Multi-award-winning book one “Neglected Merge” – FREE worldwide Books two and three – 0.99c / 0.99p (US and UK) All my books, including the new release “Finding Your Way”, are always free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. You can... Continue Reading →

Praise for “Shifting Directions”

“No one writes like Eve Koguce that I have ever read. Part lyrical, part philosophical, with a real appreciation for rich storytelling, reminiscent of a more classical style of writing, I have truly enjoyed Koguce’s lovely prose. This has been one of my favourite aspects of this incredible series.” I won’t lie. I shed a... Continue Reading →

“The Onyx Seed” by R.W. Harrison

Everyone knows that it’s not wise to bring unfamiliar things from travels and keep them in the house. We all have seen in movies what usually happens when one does that. Margaret McConnell learns this truth the hard way. And it wasn’t she who brought home a mysterious thing that turned out to be the most... Continue Reading →

“Metamorphosis” by Ivy Logan

“When I lost my forever, my light withered and ebbed,” says Amelia Diaz, introducing herself to the reader in “Metamorphosis”, book two in The Breach Chronicles series by Ivy Logan. As the story unfolds, Amelia’s light flares up, dims and at times almost dies out. Will it survive or will it succumb under the weight... Continue Reading →

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