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Celebrating the release of “Finding Your Way”, for a limited time only, the Neglected Merge Trilogy – on sale on Amazon! Multi-award-winning book one “Neglected Merge” – FREE worldwide Books two and three – 0.99c / 0.99p (US and UK) All my books, including the new release “Finding Your Way”, are always free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. You can... Continue Reading →

Sometimes an indie author wants to quit

Opportunities to independently publish your books are the greatest advantage writers have been given in the last decade. Still, there are moments when you want to quit. You’ve written a book. Completing the first book is often a thorny path. You don’t simply sit down and type away on your computer until your first masterpiece... Continue Reading →

Why I won’t query my next book

Nowadays, if you don’t leap into every “opportunity” with over-the-top enthusiasm, you are accused of having defeatist behaviour. Common sense, logic, deduction – all of these things get discarded and labelled “old-fashioned”. “Take chances”, “believe the impossible”, “what if” are new slogans you have to chant if you want to be seen as progressive and... Continue Reading →

Tragic story of Latvian Juliet

Turaida Castle is over 800 years old. Still, despite its impressive age and versatile history, it is most famous for the tragic story of Rose of Turaida. It was the year 1214 when a man with huge influence in the region, Albert, Archbishop of Riga, decided that he needed a proper castle in place of... Continue Reading →

“A Dutiful Son” by Kelly Miller

What an exquisite delight it was to immerse myself again in the wonderful Austenesque atmosphere created by Kelly Miller! In this “Pride and Prejudice” variation, I found everything I love Jane Austen's original books for. As a true fan of Jane Austen, I have a habit to reread her six full novels. I must confess,... Continue Reading →

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