“Broken” by K.M. Harding

How much can a person take and not break down? Is it possible to get through the hardships alone, without any help from those who care about you? What can heal a shattered soul? K.M. Harding answers these difficult questions in her book “Broken”. And while doing it she puts the readers on such a... Continue Reading →

Praise for “Neglected Merge”

An indie author’s life isn’t easy. In some aspects, it is extremely liberating and inspiring. While in others – well, it often feels like a struggle. A never-ending struggle for reviews, readers, more exposure for your books. And in the middle of this Sisyphean task, you stop and ask yourself: “Why am I putting myself... Continue Reading →

“The Onyx Seed” by R.W. Harrison

Everyone knows that it’s not wise to bring unfamiliar things from travels and keep them in the house. We all have seen in movies what usually happens when one does that. Margaret McConnell learns this truth the hard way. And it wasn’t she who brought home a mysterious thing that turned out to be the most... Continue Reading →

Why I won’t query my next book

Nowadays, if you don’t leap into every “opportunity” with over-the-top enthusiasm, you are accused of having defeatist behaviour. Common sense, logic, deduction – all of these things get discarded and labelled “old-fashioned”. “Take chances”, “believe the impossible”, “what if” are new slogans you have to chant if you want to be seen as progressive and... Continue Reading →

Tragic story of Latvian Juliet

Turaida Castle is over 800 years old. Still, despite its impressive age and versatile history, it is most famous for the tragic story of Rose of Turaida. It was the year 1214 when a man with huge influence in the region, Albert, Archbishop of Riga, decided that he needed a proper castle in place of... Continue Reading →

“A Dutiful Son” by Kelly Miller

What an exquisite delight it was to immerse myself again in the wonderful Austenesque atmosphere created by Kelly Miller! In this “Pride and Prejudice” variation, I found everything I love Jane Austen's original books for. As a true fan of Jane Austen, I have a habit to reread her six full novels. I must confess,... Continue Reading →

“Metamorphosis” by Ivy Logan

“When I lost my forever, my light withered and ebbed,” says Amelia Diaz, introducing herself to the reader in “Metamorphosis”, book two in The Breach Chronicles series by Ivy Logan. As the story unfolds, Amelia’s light flares up, dims and at times almost dies out. Will it survive or will it succumb under the weight... Continue Reading →

What’s new

I haven’t posted any updates on my books and my writing for a while. So, here are some news and figures. The Neglected Merge trilogy reached 76 rates/reviews on Amazon (book one – 63, book two – 8, book three – 5) and 118 rates/reviews on Goodreads (book one – 75, book two – 25,... Continue Reading →

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